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Udemy’s February 2018 Promotion Schedule:

Valentine's Day Sale
Start Date:    Monday - 2/10/18  12:00AM PST
End Date:      Thursday - 2/15/18  11:59PM PST
Discount: All Courses on Udemy for $10.99 USD

USA President's Day Sale
Start Date:    Saturday - 2/17/18  12:00AM PST
End Date:      Monday - 2/19/18  11:59PM PST
Discount: All Courses on Udemy for $10.99 USD

New Student Discount 
Start Date:    2/1/18  12:00AM PST
End Date:     2/28/18  11:59PM PST
All Courses on Udemy for $10.99 USD for NEW VISITORS 

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